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Peacekeeper Press is a publishing company.

Peacekeeper Press publishes material online. Peacekeeper Press also publishes flyers that are distributed to the public.

Peacekeeper Press was formed in response to the recent arrest of Christopher Cantwell. The charges pending against him are related to alleged illegal actions in Charlottesville.

They are also related to legal free speech protected activities.

We are concerned that a series of loosely coordinated activities among governmental authorities, part of the media, and/or agents provocateur created a situation where some of Mr. Cantwell’s civil rights, including First Amendment rights, were effectively revoked because of his legal speech.

Peacekeeper Press is meant to serve as a bulwark to preserve Mr. Cantwell’s rights, and by extension, the rights of all.

Joe ├ćagle

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Here is a Time article which indicates the Dept. of Justice is actively interested in defending Free Speech.

Quote: [Attorney General Jeff] Sessions says universities are “becoming an echo chamber of political correctness and homogenous thought.”

Comment: This can be a good development. The whole incident at Charlottesville that led to Mr. Cantwell’s arrest allegedly took place during a free speech event at the University of Virginia. The police there stood down during the event and apparently did not act to ensure that the voice of the Right was given a chance to express their ideas. Mr. Sessions is now saying that he is concerned about this kind of behavior.

New Byzantium logo borrowed from New Byzantium Project.

Jason Kessler has started an organization called the New Byzantium Project. Here is the link to the New Byzantium Project page on Mr. Kessler’s website. Peacekeeper Press will be following developments of the Byzantium Project and will post updates here on the activities page.

Important Note

Many people, including much of the media, insist on labeling the Alt Right as a movement that encompasses “Nazism”. It is never quite clear what aspects of Nazism and what aspects of the Alt Right line up. Those hurling this accusation inexorably, and almost inevitably and without fail, say the word “Nazi” when referencing the Alt Right.

It seems to me, based on a similar approach taken by Christopher Cantwell, that the proper thing to do is to embrace the label, in order to control the parameters of debate.

Thus, for those who feeling inclined to call us nazis or even obsessed with doing that, you may refer to us as “na&zis”. But on our terms: Na&zi stands for No Antifa & Zero Immigration. Got it?