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Note: “Joe Æagle” Is the publisher’s first and middle name.

This site is about, and for, those opposing the efforts of antifa to trample free speech in America and online. That being said, I wholly expect and trust that many of those visiting here will consider this a troll site, or a government funded site, etc.

That is a reasonable conclusion. A wrong conclusion. But a reasonable one, nevertheless. In this line of work, paranoia — or, better said — elevated levels of suspicion, is a required mindset of anyone who hopes to survive, much more a requirement to emerge victorious. So if you feel totally trusting of me from the get-go, your heart is in the right place; but you, as a whole, are not. You should be constantly — or, at least from time-to-time — questioning my legitimacy.

And I’ll likely be doing the same about you. Nature of the beast when it comes to this type of activism.

I think someone who wants to delve in and do their due diligence could uncover my identity1. My feeling is that if they do the research then they are entitled to the prize. I have nothing to hide vis-á-vis protecting myself. I only hide my identity because I don’t want to hurt my chances of shoring up free speech rights, or at least slowing the erosion. As Richard Spencer says on his Hatreon.us video, he’s burned the ships. I’ve burned my ships, too, so to speak, but in a different context. There is no going back to a life that accommodates multiculturalism, feminism, political correctivism, unfettered immigrationism, or facilitation of LGBTetc agendas.

I am appalled at what has been done to Mr. Cantwell. He took a hit for me. The antifa is my enemy, too. Mr. Cantwell placed himself squarely in their sights, and, so to speak, met “market demand”, as he put it in the Vice documentary. He defended himself legally and honorably against their attacks on him, his rights, and by extension, on all Americans.

I’ve created a small publishing house to create things like handbooks on how to prepare for future rallies and Congressional lobbying efforts. Back in the day I went to a number of anti-globalization workshops. I found out a lot about their techniques of how to organize “direct action”, a detestable term of doublespeak. I learned that great rallies don’t just happen. I think future Free Speech rallies that attract the antifa hordes have to be planned out like a military campaign minus the weapons of war and minus violence, with numerous contingencies and with battalions of videographers etc. Generating material for these rallies is what Peacekeeper Press is about.

I also draw on my experience attending and organizing many protest rallies. One thing I learned along the way is how to back down.

I once faced off, along with an intern, against hundreds. The confrontation was on Pennsylvania Avenue just outside the White House. We were quickly surrounded by representatives of several security forces. Police. Secret Service. They wanted to arrest me for starting a riot. Just for having my say. I separated myself, but I had accomplished my goal. A TV crew unbeknownst to me ended up filming us at our backup location by the Old Executive office building and their station put us on the evening news. There are many paths to victory.

It gets better. At some later time, a friend sent me a copy of an article in Arabic printed in Egypt. He translated the caption under a picture of the intern and me surrounded by Egyptians after we left the vicinity of the White House. The gist of the caption was that the Muslims wanted to attack us, but cooler heads prevailed.

So it is that one man with an eighteen year old girl rattled the cage of our opponents.

Joe Æagle

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