Peacekeeper Press has scoured the internet for websites and webpages related to Mr. Cantwell’s arrest, as well as for information giving the background and social context for his arrest.

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Mr. Cantwell’s website

Free Keene article

Another Free Keene article

A WashPo article

This Daily Beast article is referenced in……this recording

Another Daily Beast article
Here is a quote from article (emphasis added): Cantwell says he sprayed because fellow torch-bearing men had already been wounded by counter-protesters (the photograph does show a bloodied man in the background). Cantwell alleges that two counter-protesters menacingly moved toward him.

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The Vice Video

Reason TV, skip to 29:45

With Dave Smith

Quote: “Christopher Cantwell is an anti-Semitic, Alt-Right shock jock and an unapologetic fascist, who spews white nationalist propaganda with a libertarian spin on his live-streamed call-in show, ‘Radical Agenda.'”
The Æagle comments: This quote is the headline for the webpage on Mr. Cantwell. I’m not sure what the “P” in “SPLC” refers to, but based on this article, it seems to be intellectual poverty. Mr. Cantwell’s White Nationalist stance is a far cry from fascism. And if we argue that Mr. Cantwell is a fascist under some expanded and redefined use of that word, then, to be consistent, it is difficult to call him “anti-semitic” under any classical definition of that term. Mr. Cantwell seems to mostly reserve his anti-Jewish rhetoric for those in the industries of finance and media who independently have policies that he holds subverts his goals. He doesn’t speak of wide conspiracies as much as the power that he alleges some Jews who direct and lead exert. The SPLC article goes downhill from there.

Another SPLC webpage
Quote: “‘We are proud to support the Southern Poverty Law Center in its efforts to prevent violent extremism in the United States. What happened in Charlottesville, and what is happening in communities across our country, demands our collective engagement to stand up to hate,’ said George and Amal Clooney.”

The Æagle comments: We applaud the Clooney family putting their talents, celebrity prestige, and money behind efforts to fight violence. We get somewhat confused, though, when people seem to link all hate with unwarranted violence. Hate can be a positive force in the world. As a widely admired and respected couple in their respective lines of work, we are concerned about their influence on the outlook of others.


More antifa shutting down free speech

Fox News meets antifa

Patriots video


Another rant

Yet more ranting

Ironic audio Skip to 40:30 for commentary on Mr. Cantwell which is supportive of him re the charges against him. Then they segue into an attack on free speech, including licensing the “fifth estate [sic]”.

Hillary Clinton racist remarks.

Note which direction the police consistently face.

Jason Kessler update on attacks against him at press conference.

WashPo. It’s interesting. The Washington Post tag line is, “Democracy dies in darkness”. It could be interpreted as, “Democracy dies in the darkness emanating from our coverage of news.”

Progress Comments almost universally condemn statue covering.

Jason Kessler website

Disorientation guide

Racism ad absurdum

Berkeley goes to war

Stormfront goes offline.

More on Berkeley free speech
Comment: It takes an army to have free speech nowadays.

The face of free speech. Picture borrowed from SFGate article.
Wrong!! Seems even a million dollar security detail isn’t enough to get safe free speech. Note: the article quotes Berkeley blaming the speakers for pulling out after the school forked over all that money for security. Not a word quoted from the school about blaming those who use their power of speech to basically say: We don’t care about police protection for those visiting. We’ll stop at nothing to violently attack the alt-right.

Or, maybe the cancellation has to do with other factors….

Or, maybe there is no cancellation?

$1.4 million.

Free speech costs.

LA Times guest op-ed. Paraphrase of thesis: Be responsible. Know your place hatey. We don’t want none of your kind here. We know exactly why you are coming and what you want to say. Before you come. Before you speak. Naughty, naughty for “normalizing” in public!
Comment: Maybe they should rename the campus Brrkley since they give a cold shoulder to anyone they find disagreeable.

This article references something called “Antifa Handbook”.

This is a different book, similar title, pro-antifa book.

Found the book. It was linked to on Milo’s Facebook.
Here is the direct link to the book.

And a good time was had by all.

Politico article
Quote: “And New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo proposed amending his state’s hate crime statute to include inciting a riot against protected classes of people.”
So. If I speak. And a group gathers and attacks me ’cause they don’t like what I said. And a melee ensues. I get arrested for inciting a riot against a protected group. Thank you First Amendment.

Observer article

ABC News Comment: National Security Adviser General McMaster in beginning of video outlines measures against terrorist groups. Against having a staging area, against raising money, against traveling, against recruiting, and against using the internet to advance those goals. All good! The danger is the concurrent slouching off to name American groups as terrorists. Confer article here.


Vanguard America

Wikipedia on the Daily Stormer
Quote: The Electronic Frontier Foundation acknowledged that the companies were within their legal rights to terminate their contracts with The Daily Stormer, but that the move set a dangerous precedent: “We must also recognize that on the Internet, any tactic used now to silence neo-Nazis will soon be used against others, including people whose opinions we agree with.

Antifa-style goes hi-tech. Here is an article that is the digital equivalent of antifa-shouting out against ‘fascism’.
Quote: And there is now louder debate about whether the benefits of free and open communication, unlimited access to information and convenience offered by the products of tech giants are outweighed by downsides like authoritarian misuses, the concentration of personal information in the hands of a tiny few and contributions to economic inequality.

For the record.

A sophisticated WashPo opinion piece that is short on facts and long on opionions.
Comment: The author first virtue signals how open minded he is. Then proceeds to lockdown said mind.



Dept. of Justice pushes back on antifa and wants warrants to obtain Facebook information of some antifa activists. article

Reuters article on march in Sweden.

WashPo article on march in Sweden.

There you have it. Smoking gun. The left overreaction to C-ville was a ploy to drum up Communists.
Quote: “If you look at our growth in membership, our big surges have been after big announcements by this administration,” says Margaret McLaughlin, the chair of Washington, D.C.’s, DSA chapter. “Like the Muslim ban, DACA. Charlottesville was huge.” article. Maskees lead to arrrest.

Domestic Terrorism SectionP

Article about FBI investigations.

Quote: During Wednesday’s hearing, hosted by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, several Senate Democrats argued that white supremacists and other domestic extremists posed a bigger threat to the nation than jihadi terrorists. They cited last month’s violence in Charlottesville, Va., as an example, the Times reported. report.

Quote: The biggest difference in how the Justice Department investigates and prosecutes domestic terror cases versus international ones, Wray said Wednesday, is that there is that “there is not a domestic terrorism offense as such” — while there is a statute prohibiting material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

Comment: Once they make it illegal to support White Supremacy then free speech will suffer. This will be the focus of the Peacekeeper lobbying effort. For example, Antifa has already labeled pro-Israel activities as White Supremacy. Thus, supporting a Zionist organization will become illegal. The equation of White Supremacy and Zionism is so widespread I am not even providing a link. Just search on some term like “white supremacy is Zionism”.

Yet another article about deterioration of free speech on campus. article on students’ reaction to having video publicized.

Students successfully close down campus for a few days.