The March of the Year of the Emperor takes place on those years of a President’s term when there is no inauguration on January twentieth.

The March takes place on the Friday of January twentieth, or on the Friday immediately preceding January twentieth when the twentieth does not fall on a Friday.

In January 2018, the march will be on Friday, January nineteenth.

The March marks the end of a year of the Emperor’s Presidency.

Marchers gather on the National Mall at the usual place of the inauguration stand. Each marcher gathers under the banner of his or her ethnic group.

Marchers then march down Pennsylvania Avenue to the White House. At the White House, the heads of all the groups gather and announce that the beginning of the New Year of the Emperor will be on the following Sunday.

Celebrations are held on Friday and Saturday, and a formal meal with all the heads of the groups is held on Sunday, the first day of the New Year of the Emperor.

A lottery is held, and one ethnic group leader is selected to deliver the Emperor’s New Year’s Address. On the chance that the Emperor or one of his entourage joins the meal, of course, then the Emperor or his agent delivers the Emperor’s Address.

In those dark times that an Anti-Emperor occupies the White House, the marchers wear black clothing. When they reach the White House they sit on the ground in Lafayette Park. There is no Announcement of the Year. There are no celebrations on Friday and Saturday. There is no meal on Sunday.