“We will not be chained by a political correctness that outlaws that speech which is repugnant for us to hear. I’d rather swim a free man in a cesspool than as a slave in sweet waters.”

“If we don’t want to play your politically correct game — and we don’t — then we’re going to make up our own game. Our own rules, our own gridiron, pick our own team, and get a say in who’s reffing. And then if you want to step into our ring — why be our guest. Not vice versa.”

I agree. This is the “no Fort Sumters” thing that Mike Vanderboegh used to talk about. We have to lay low, take some hits, so the ordinary Joe on the street can see very clearly that we are being backed into a corner. The longer we restrain ourselves, the better. If a war finally kicks off we will have some support at that point. If we go hot too early we will lose.

There’s even a possibility people will reject the leftist putsch before the war starts, and they will fall flat on their face. That is the best solution.

Either way, we need to hold fire, and even (I hate to say it) look for some legal solutions.
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Unfortunately none of that matters. Truth is treason in the empire of lies.
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