Rule #1

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Rule #1: Make rules.

( 0 ) Require ralliers to sign up in advance.

( 1 ) Make clear rules for rallies. Make clear rules of engagement. If it’s meant to be a non-violent rally, then make a rule against violence. Explain to ralliers when they should back off from attacks from antifa, and when and how they can act in self-defense

( 2 ) Enforce the rules. In official online discussions, designated enforcers (deens) should call out people who advocate any activity that violates the rules. At the rally, deens should call out people who are, or who are just acting like, agents provocateur and are openly violating the non-violence rules.

( 3 ) Keep media and police posted. Have contacts inside the media and the police. Put the contacts on a listserv. Send the listserv regular updates on the non-violence rules. Have more than one person line when speaking to law enforcement. Take notes. Read the notes back to the law enforcement contact. Make sure to clarify ambiguous language.

( 4 ) Offer certification. Those ralliers who in advance take a test on their knowledge of the rules and who pledge to follow the non-violence rules can receive certification and the right to wear an official badge at the rally certifying them as a non-violent rallier.

( 5 ) Have videographers. Everyone who can afford it should wear one or more cameras. Others should be encouraged to bring less expensive cameras and/or to use their phone cameras to record action. Designated videographers (devis) should be assigned to rally hotspots. In particular, several should accompany each rally leader. The use of advanced equipment like wireless microphones etc. should be encouraged. For night rallies, supplemental lighting should be used to enhance the captured video. In particular, the use of headlamps such as Zebralights should be encouraged.

(6) Infiltrate. Undercover ralliers should go to antifa planning sessions. Antifa discussions online should be monitored. At the rally, clandestine videoing should be done of antifa. Use video drones at rallies, consistent with local laws. Publish the results of these investigations as an addendum or as a separate adjunct publication to the rally non-violence rules. This serves two purposes. Firstly, it presents the contrast between those who have, and enforce, non-violence rules (rally organizers) and those who don’t (antifa). Secondly, it alerts ralliers what kind of opposition to expect. Accordingly, techniques should be prepared for how to react to antifa direct action (direct action is a codeword for civil disobedience or even outright lawbreaking).