Rule #2

Rule #2: Use the rule of law to bludgeon antifa.

The liberals used small town Southern “justice” to deny bail to Mr. Cantwell. The laissez-faire attitude of the police in Charlottesville and the hand folding of the ACLU after their initial help contributed to Mr. Cantwell’s imprisonment. Countless other injustices amounted to a drip-drip water torture of injustice.

Mr. Cantwell’s expected release from jail should coincide then with a legal counterattack. The first fusillade should be a shot across the bow: a day of lobbying on Capitol Hill.

The troops should first soften up the opposition. The following is a true anecdote from the publisher.

I live in the DC area. I had become friends with Coptic Egyptians living in the U.S. The Copts are regularly persecuted in Egypt. To help out their brethren, some Copts call on legislators to assist them.

The leader of the Copts I work with lives in New Jersey. Since I am near the Congress and White House, I would help out sometimes with a counter-protest here, a lobbying day there, to supplement their activities.

Now, over the years I’ve done a bit of lobbying. As an amateur. I decided to give a relatively small donation, maybe $400, to a Congressman, the Representative of the district where the Copt leader lived. First time I’d done something like that.

Then I made an appointment with that Congressman’s office to discuss the Coptic cause. A human rights issue which stood on its own.

I arrived at the Congressinal office on Capitol Hill. I was shocked that the Congressman attended the meeting. I had met many times with staffers in different offices. But the Man himself? Never. At least not for me alone. Maybe with a larger group, but not when I was alone. What the…?!

So I learned. Money talks. And this was a Congressman with a sterling reputation. Not corrupt. Not greedy. Someone who once spoke at a gathering I attended and quite honestly said his experience was that most members of Congress are hardworking decent people. Which I believe.

So, the movement to oppose antifa will act wisely. There will be a gathering in a room in one of the Congressional office buildings. Participants will invite staffers to address the entire group.

Then the volunteers will fan out to lobby Congressional offices. In particular, to the offices of Representatives of whom they will have already raised and donated money to.

The day of lobbying will be called “Tomorrow We Fight Again”.

This is a double-entendre. Firstly, it means Mr. Cantwell is back to promote White identity once more. Secondly, it means that the loose coalition of forces: White Supremacists, Libertarians, and others who were outraged by Mr. Cantwell’s political imprisonment will once again oppose each other. But for one day the members of the coalition will stand shoulder-to-shoulder to try and ensure that never again will corrupt antifa-afraid forces twist the rule of law to punish a man defending his First Amendment rights.