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Lovon (rhymes with “oven”) is the White ethnostate in America. It is a Right State. It is not a state that encompasses a significant area of the Earth. It is not a state in the sense that the State of Maryland, where I live, is a state. Rather, Lovon is a state of mind.

That is not to say there is no real estate component to the Lovon. Lovon Americans own property. To the extent Lovons live together on a contiguous piece of land, that land becomes part of the Greater Lovon State.

We will now explore the reason for the name “Lovon”.

In the Book of Genesis, “Lovon” is the name of a man. The name literally means “white”.

Lovon is the uncle and the father-in-law of Jacob. Jacob is the progenitor of the Jews.

Friction develops between Jacob and Lovon. An agreement is made to separate.

Thus, I feel it is appropriate to call the White State in America “Lovon”. The Lovon will be a state separate from Jews, as well as from others that the Lovon Americans determine they want to separate from.

Initially, Lovon will start out as separate enclaves in America which will eventually combine to form a virtual ethnostate.

Many White Nationalists have found a place in what Richard Spencer calls the Alt Right. Thus, it follows that Lovon is a Right state.

The impetus for forming Lovon is that much of the Alt Right has been effectively silenced through means that are legally questionable. This is illustrated by Christopher Cantwell’s arrest and Richard Spencer’s being shouted down at the University of Florida.

The Right is off keel, and will remain so as long as it has to co-exist with multi-culturalism, feminism, and a bizarre LBGTetc fueled agenda.

Creation of the Lovon addresses a messy situation where politically active elements within the government, educational institutions, and citizenry in the U.S. are poised on the edge of lawlessness, and on the verge of overstepping the bounds of the law, in their frenzy to silence White Americans on the Alt Right.

Note: It was not so long ago that signs on the beaches of the Eastern Shore here in Maryland read, “No Blacks, Jews, or Dogs”. Lovon is not an attempt to recreate that milieu.

Rather, it is more to make it socially acceptable to have a party, business, or school that limits participation and employment on the basis of “race” and “gender”.